Cloud Computing Outlook

Innovations: Crafting Client-centric Cloud Solutions

CIO VendorAndi Chaudhuri, Founder & Director
Today, cloud-native solutions and processes are imperatives to transform an enterprise into a digital entity and optimize productivity. However, standardized cloud solutions fail to address the industry-specific requirements of organizations and hence prove to be irreverent in helping them realize any productivity gains. Also, many of the organizations are reluctant to leave behind their legacy systems and adopt a complete cloud environment fearing data reliability and security issues. Here Palo Alto, CA-based Innovations emerges as a white knight that seamlessly connects data, conventional processes and system to cloud and facilitates hybrid integration to catalyze digital transformation. “We are partners in business success and IT backbone for enterprises in their journey towards efficient business operations,” says Andi Chaudhuri, founder and director, Innovations.

Chaudhuri shares how challenges are distinct for varied industries and his venture solves a gamut of problems. The firm recognizes operational and business needs of their clients and transforms their existing antiquated systems and dysfunctional frameworks through cloud-based services and solutions. The firm facilitates migration, integration and workload management to the cloud and executes cloud orchestration. With its native cloud solutions, the company eliminates reliance on legacy systems, accelerates processing data mined from clients' existing systems, and adds efficiency to internal processes at a fractional cost and time. The mined data plays a crucial role in gauging customer demand, formulating market strategies, and accelerating the business decision-making process.

“We prepare energy, finance, retail, and healthcare companies to tap the power of cloud and data,” states Andi Chaudhuri, Founder and Director, Innovations.
For instance, the company enables energy companies to ascertain the place for deploying oil rigs, anticipate probable oil spill and restrain it, and prevent production downtime in their existing facilities. Furthermore, manufacturing and supply chain management companies can utilize Innovations’ cloud and analytics services to improve the production process and inventory management.

We are partners in business success and IT backbone for enterprises in their journey towards efficient business operations

Data mining and analysis, and cloud migration are key constituents in hybrid integrations, but Innovations also acknowledges user-friendliness of applications. The company develops user-friendly solutions that would assist users to adopt and utilize tools immediately. Innovations also focus its efforts on creating solutions that would simplify the usage of IT infrastructure.

Not only IT infrastructure but also workforce management is a simplified task due to Innovations’ solution that helps people monitoring and management in real-time. The solution helps HR department to calibrate the employee performance based on data. While Innovations continues to develop and deploy solutions as a part of hybrid integrations, it has crafted a solution to solve the operational challenge for San Diego State University. The client sought a sophisticated and large-scale application that would analyze air pollution data. Innovations developed the backend, infrastructure, and architecture and provided data visualization tools for determining pollution within a 5-mile radius or 10-mile radius from a particular location. Eventually, the client could easily harness air pollution data, analyze it on numerous parameters, and take the right action.

Currently, Innovations is focused on underpinning operations of companies that never had IT, partner. Partnership with clients helps the company to understand the market needs and develop a business strategy for expansion. Innovations look forward to helping government agencies, energy companies in unlocking the data trove and harnessing the critical information. In a nut shell, the company wants to be a dominant force in cloud services arena.