Cloud Computing Outlook


Accelerating Digital Transformation

CIO VendorSai Chintala, President, Quality Engineering & DevOps Today, a large portion of the world’s communications takes place in the digital realm. Consumers and businesses alike are more and more focused on embracing the technology infused experience, whether it is for tackling mundane tasks or solving complex business problems. The use of technology is coming full-circle for companies, leading to faster and more reliable applications, products, and services delivered to the market. However, the rapid pace of advancing digital trends and practical uses means competition is fierce and those who can’t keep up find it difficult to thrive. The growing demand for immediate access to strong app functionality, acceleration of testing, and high-quality performance architecture and engineering requires a strategic partner in technology operations for developers and the customers they strive to serve.

Innominds, a leader in product incubation for technology-focused clients, was launched in 1998 to embark on the countless opportunities the digital transformation of business had to offer. Led by CEO and Chairman Divakar Tantravahi, the company has since grown into a global leader in app development that harnesses years of expertise and technology acumen to give its clients solutions that help them stay relevant in their chosen markets. Tantravahi states, “Our clients have to align with several vendors in various streams, from product development, hosting, and product management, to user interface and experience, application development (including in areas such as Blockchain technology), Big Data Analytics, and quality engineering. Innominds’ goal is to deliver all of that need and desire for streamlining the growing needs of business, with technology at the forefront.”

Innominds recognizes that there are several common themes among business clients, especially those embarking on products and services that rely on the cloud. For instance, any enterprise hosting services in the cloud needs billing solutions and a method to deliver a catalog of services to its customers. There is also a common need for compliance, logging, and monitoring of processes and data, regardless of the type of industry or size of the company. Navdeep Singh, Cloud and Product Engineering head at Innominds explains, “We can and have developed the common components of technology that answer these common business needs. Our accelerators (such as Enigma) help achieve this in a streamlined manner, shortening the time to market while also reducing the risk for clients.” All of these critical business tasks are completed in a hosted environment, making the alignment of service and support needs more manageable.

"With Headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are able to provide the benefits of cutting edge Cloud & DevOps technologies for our clients to gain competitive advantages."

Innovation Driven by Quality Engineering

The company focuses its efforts on the automation of services, noting that clients often have a pressing need for time-and effort-saving solutions. Sai Chintala (President for Quality Engineering &DevOps) states, “Innominds’ services have automation at their core, backed by strong technical expertise and accelerators designed to give clients an edge with the competition. Delivery, deployment, and time to market are all sped up through automation, and the accelerators we have built are truly customized before being rolled out to clients.” The combination of these solutions and delivery to clients make Innominds a true partner in automated migration to a fully SaaS and DevOps environments. One of Innominds’ leading accelerators is Harmony–a robust Continuous Test Acceleration platform– architected to solve these often complex business problems in app development and testing. The accelerator leverages open source components to support test automation for Web, Mobile, IOT and Desktop applications, along with an array of APIs.

Our continuous test acceleration platform (Harmony) helps both ISVs and Enterprises effortlessly achieve continuous integration, delivery, deployment and monitoring

Harmony has a vertical based approach supporting various Applications, Platforms, and Technologies and ensures comprehensive Test Coverage covering testing needs for API, Functional, Performance, Accessibility, Platform Certification, Compatibility etc. Sai Chintala explains, “We’ve recognized the need for quality deployment and the continuous validation of changes in a fast-paced environment. Harmony supports the continuous validation through its rich set of reusable components and advanced debug-based test reporting to pin point the code check-ins that causes the failures.

Harmony orchestrates with CI tools like Jenkins with automated defect reporting into defect management tools like JIRA followed by test execution status updates in a test management tool like Test Link etc. For this to take place, a continuous quality loop must be part of the equation. Harmony introduces automation across the software test lifecycle, aligning and orchestrating all the moving parts and technology stacks of enterprises. In an era of burgeoning technology platforms, there is a clear need for a framework that is agnostic from the perspective of multiple browsers, mobile apps, and operating systems. Building out such a framework is an experimental and timing consuming process for our clients, Chintala states. It can take 12 to 18 months to create, but Harmony solves this dilemma by delivering an automation kit out-of-the-box that integrates directly into the client’s Enterprise delivery pipeline. The accelerator detects, smart tags, and compiles test cases related to code changes, and stops bad code from moving into the production phase. Validating these critical development components early in the life cycle is key to the success of technology-focused clients.

Over the years, Innominds has added several library components to Harmony, to reduce the number of resources and effort required to automate the testing across the SDLC. The framework sends notifications automatically to the stakeholders in case of a failed test. Besides, it informs them about the root cause of the test failure to narrow down the issue. Harmony integrates with all the leading continuous integration and continuous deployment tools for transforming DevOps initiatives into a successful journey. Innominds also generates predictive and prescriptive analytics that can be integrated with popular application lifecycle management tools such as HP ALM and Bugzilla via its iFusion accelerator. Harmony has Machine Learning and AI based Analytics engine (via its integration with iFusion accelerator) that analyzes historical Test reports, generates variety of test analytics providing insight into product quality and defect trends. Harmony performs comprehensive trend analysis and publishes intelligent dashboards through sophisticated machine learning models giving it ability to predict release quality.

Innominds has been at the helm of innovation in automation not only for product testing but also on the cloud side of the technology line. Over the last several years, the company has seen the need for automation grow as a primary business driver. While businesses earlier were limited to front-end automation with the help of several commercial tools, in the current technology environment, these needs have migrated to an open source model and the cloud. Singh explains, “There is a clear need for substantial architecture and integrative tools, taking feedback from failures, linking that to data, and providing a loop to the developers involved.” Innominds takes away the need for everyone on a client’s team to be tech-savvy, doing most of the heavy lifting through automated services that deliver intended, real outcomes.

A Plethora of Use Cases

The company has had the opportunity to be the go-to technology partner for several enterprise and business clients, from healthcare and e-commerce to marketing and IoT. A recent success story comes from one of the leading IoT vendors in the process of implementing a single sign-on solution. The client was working to enable user authentication, verification, and auditing of access to the application, but ran into delays from issues relating to data conflicts. Using Harmony, Innominds delivered test automation to jump start the business requirements.
Navdeep Singh, VP, Cloud & Product Engineering
In doing so, the client was able to build a larger fleet and deploy 85 percent automation while reducing the user time required for validating.

Innominds is able to deliver on its promise to clients through a true commitment to automation and the advantages it brings to the business environment. Singh explains, “The features of each one of our technology services are comprehensive, but the company’s backbone is its team. Over the last 20 years, Innominds has created a culture and DNA of application development.” The team members of the company in general have a development and automation mindset, given that the entire market is moving in that direction. Clients want all systems and processes to be programmatic, and for those who recognize the importance of automation in the mix, Innominds is a perfect fit.

The approach to client service and success also sets Innominds apart from other technology-focused service organizations. Because the company is not a mega shop, as Singh describes it, each client receives a high-touch approach to service, especially in the early stages of development and support. He states, “Interactions with the client take place on-site at the client’s premises, with the entire team involved. This differentiator allows us to fully assess client needs, their business requirements, and their capabilities in a comprehensive way.” Innominds has a presence in Silicon Valley and throughout the United States, as well as locations across multiple countries. Its wide reach makes a high-touch level of service possible, and it allows for a pricing model that’s amenable to the client, instead of prohibitive.

Innominds has a long-standing history in dev-ops as well as cloud service migration and support, with countless successes in traditional development work for large organizations around the world. Looking ahead, the company is keenly focused on staying on the bleeding edge of technology and using automation to drive businesses forward in various stages of development. Singh states, “Clients benefit from the most up to date cloud technologies because we employ experts in a variety of silos.” With automation as the enabler, Innominds plans to continue work on projects in machine learning, blockchain, and designing accelerators to meet the needs of current and future clients. With a strong backbone of technologist-minded teams, years of experience in automation, and a customer-centric approach, the company is confident its continuous investment in innovation and its agile ecosystem lays the groundwork for ongoing client satisfaction.