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Creating a New Wave in the Private Cloud Market

Bernie Blume, Co-Founder & CEO , antsleBernie Blume, Co-Founder & CEO
Designed for developers, easy enough for anyone to use. A private cloud server known as antsle has swept the industry to give everyone the ability to have a private dedicated server that is not only secure but easy to use. “Run your VPSs privately, store and efficiently manage all of the information, files, and documents that you send to the server,” remarks Bernie Blume, co-founder and CEO, antsle.

antsle is a disruptive startup that is creating a movement and not just throwing products to their clients. They are providing not only the management solutions to go with the product, but also the infrastructure that follows. Lowering the hurdle to make private cloud computing much more easily accessible, antsle ensures that clients don’t need anything to start using the product. “Just purchase the all-in-one solution and plug it in,” states Blume.

The idea behind antsle is being able to have a private cloud server, and also cut back on monthly hosting fees and the difficulties that usually accompany other servers. While these private servers were only ideal for large corporations before, antsle makes them available to companies of all sizes.

Many ask how this fits within the hybrid department, Blume answers, “Hybrid cloud environments are key and antsle supports it.” He continues to say, “If you intend to scale inside your cloud or scale out to the public, we make it possible.”antsleis a moving company that continues to expand and grow, making it the ideal solution for those that want to grow with the cloud.

antsle’s cost-effectiveness is one of the biggest factors that make it stand out in the market. “One pain point is the cost of the public cloud, with everyone saying it is the cheapest way. In fact, many startups we talk with, their monthly bills are $3,000 to $5,000 to up to $10,000. You can easily run all of those instances on one or two antsles. Many clients say they love antsle because of the cut down on fees.

You name it, pick the template and that’s it. We have all the defaults pretty much set for you

Johannes Dietzel, Co-Founder & Analyst
Most clients have a return on investment within one month to three months,”states Johannes Dietzel, co-founder and analyst, antsle.

Security is another issue that antsle effectively tackles. With not many security options or the ability for an IT department to help with the protection of cloud, antsle makes sure to develop multiple ways of providing the best security for every cloud, whether virtual or compartmentalized. Additionally, complying with numerous security guidelines is also becoming challenging for firms. “Many different entities need to be considered, and if everything is private and behind the firewall then it is much easier to meet those security needs,” adds Blume.

One of the biggest benefits that antsle’s customers experience is that it is not only ready right out of the box. It is also extremely easy to manage and customize to their preferences. This puts businesses in control like ever before, making integration to a private server considerably easier.

antsle is unique because it offers both, containerization and virtualization. “You name it, pick the template and that’s it, we have all the defaults pretty much set for you. You have no disadvantages when compared to the public cloud and save so much money when you switch,” concludes Blume.